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Westfalia roof conversions

We've been fitting the Westfalia pop-top roof to German and Brazilian vans for over four years now and have built-up a good knowledge of what works well, this is why our roof conversions are completely different to everyone else's in the UK. So what makes us different, let us tell you!

• We have have our own mould to make the original Westfalia pop tops to within a 3mm accuracy of the original.

• Our mouldings are made with the best quailty fibre glass avaliable.

• We only use the best stainless steel rivets, studding and screws, this prevents rust in the future.

• We line the inner part of the pop top with trim velour to prevent condensation.

• We only use the most expensive, highest quailty roof canvas available.

• All our canvases are fitted with precise attention to detail (no baggy canvases here thank you very much!).

• We never re-paint a fibre glass roof, we only replace them.

Roof conversion prices for German vans

The prices quoted below are for original Westfalia pop top roof conversions. We're not currenty converting tin top vans, but will be looking to do so Summer 2011.

Prices start from:

£999.99 + VAT for a replacement Westfalia pop top
(supply only).

£199.99 + VAT for inner roof lining in pop-top (including glue)

£299.99 + VAT for roof canvas

£800.00 + VAT for fitting new lining and roof canvas (includes removing old lining and canvas)


Roof conversion prices for Brazilian vans

Prices start from:

£3,650 + VAT - does NOT include bed boards or inner head lining.

£5,000 + VAT - INCLUDES bed boards and full length inner head lining.