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Right hand drive Australian Campervan • SOLD

Here we have a great example of a solid right hand drive VW campervan imported half way around the globe from the tropical climates of Australia. These vans are rapidly becoming a dying breed, being an original right hand drive, and whoever gets the opportunity to become the owner of this bus will also be the first UK registered owner of this van.

We are offering this camper in a choice of four stages, starting from £10,000.

Stage One - Price: £10,000
This campervan will be sold as it is, a blank canvas inside with no interior cabinets or bed installed. It will will come with 12 months MOT and 6 months tax. The engine, which is a 2 litre aircooled, pulls along very nicely without any problems. It has has an original Australian pop-top roof which operates very well and also has a skylight.

Stage Two - Price: £26,500
This stage sees a total transformation of the van with it being fully restored. Extensive work will be carried out from top to bottom - the underside will be shot-blasted, etch primered, etch primered again, stone-chipped and then painted. The chassis will also be painted in a protective rust free Por 15 paint. The top and bottom halves of the van will be painted in classic VW two-tone style - to a show standard finish - the top being white and the bottom a colour of your choice. The inside of the van will be totally stripped down to its bare shell, including the removal of the dashboard, and the remaining metal will be painted to match your colour choice (along with the top section of the dashboard).

The windows will be removed and any rust (if there is any) will be cut out and replaced with new metal. Nothing is missed, every single detail is taken care of, with the foot pedals and all the air vents painted to a showroom quality. The roof will have a new canvas fitted to the pop-top roof to match the colour of your van, then new headlining will also be fitted from the front to back in the original style and complemented with new sun visors.

Complimenting the show-standard paintwork will be new rubbers and seals fitted throughout the whole van, from the windscreen and all windows, to the door rubbers and boot lid. All exterior parts will be replaced, from new stainless steel wing mirrors to number plates - everything will be replaced and restored to the highest level.

The interior will get a full set of newly-upholstered door cards - you can pick the colours of your choice. The front seats will also be re-upholstered, also in your chosen colours and to finish off the interior of your campervan you will also get new flooring installed, again in the colour of your choice.

Stage Three - Price: £32,000
Stage three consists of everything from stage two with the addition of a new re-conditioned 2000cc aircooled engine, which will be fully re-conditioned, built from top to bottom with new components fitted throughout, including the engine tin wear which will be shot-blasted to bare metal then etch primered, primered again then painted in a high heat-resistant paint. Once this is completed, the tin wear will be fitted to the engine along with a full clutch kit, new clutch cable, accelerator cable, all new fuel lines, new engine mounts, new gearbox mounts, engine seal, fuel filter, thermostat, distributor, new heat exchangers (with new control valves), air hoses, new exhaust and tailpipe, a new set of Webber ICT carburretors and to finish it all off the engine will be rolling-road tuned to give it the optimum performance that you deserve.

Stage Four - Price: call for details
Stage four includes all of the above plus a fully-fitted and functional interior of your choice, of which there are plenty to choose from.

If you have any further questions regarding this vehicle or would like to arrange a viewing please don't hesitate to contact us.