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1966 • 21-Window Samba • SOLD

We’re very reluctant to sell this very cool 21 window left hand drive Samba that has just arrived in the UK. It lived in San Antonio in the US until 1998 where it was then shipped to Japan. It looks like it may have been restored around this time as there are a couple of cracks showing through on the paintwork, but overall it’s a very solid bus.

It’s been lowered by 4 inches all round and has an updated brake system with a servo which enhances them very well. The engine is a 1600cc twin port that runs very nicely so all these elements together make for a very nice drive indeed.

The interior has been restored back to it’s original standard and is in keeping with the year and style of the bus. The price includes some paint work behind the cargo doors, repainting the bumpers, a full MOT and registering the van.

It also comes with a stereo, air con system and petrol heater, which is all untested at the moment.