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1977 LHD Westfalia • SOLD

With regards to the resto, we'll first remove the engine and all engine and rear light wiring. The engine bay will then be shot blasted and the fuel tank removed, the sender unit will be replaced along with the filler neck seal and breather holes. Once the engine has been shot-blasted we will carry out any necessary repairs (but looking at this bus it needs no welding, it's very solid). We will then super etch primer the bare metal and paint the engine bay back to its original colour.

The original wiring will be cleaned back to new and refitted and the rear light lenses will be replaced with originals. The fire wall will be painted back to its original grey and whist we're paying attention to that area we'll replace the starter motor and the input shaft oil seal. Whilst all this is being done, the tinware will be stripped from the engine for shot-blasting and eventually painted back to satin black. The engine will be re-fitted along with a new exhaust system, clutch, leads, plugs, points, distributor cap, rotor arm, new fuel lines and engine mounts. It will then be rolling-road tuned for optimum performance.

The original wheels will also be shot-blasted and then super etch primered, painted and lacquered, new tyres will be fitted and balanced and hub caps replaced with new ones. With the wheels off the van, we'll hot pressure steam the underneath of the van to remove 35 years of dirt and old, flaky underseal. All the brake pads, shoes, flex hoses, steering, drive shaft gators and ball joint gators will be thoroughly inspected and replaced where necessary. The van will be undersealed and all cavities will be wax oyled.

All remaining parts are removed from the van, including the pop top, which will be jet washed inside and out, both sections rubbed down and prime red with polyester. It will then be rubbed down and painted in it's original colour. The bodywork will also be completely rubbed down, all repairs will be jet spotted out and all bare metal repairs will be etch primered, primered then painted back to its original colours. The bumpers will be 'bare metalled' and also painted back in original colours.

It will be fitted with new rubbers, window scrapers, door mirrors, headlamps, indicator lenses, washer jets, repainted wiper arms, pop-top seal kit and roof canvas. The inner roof boards and sun visors will be replaced with new ones too, along with the cab and walk thru mats.

The van will be completed with 12 month's MOT, 6 month's tax and 12 month's warranty.