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1974 US Import Westfalia • SOLD


39 year old buses with original paint don't come along that often, especially at this price. When we were offered this bus and was told that it had lived in Nevada for almost 40 years we knew it was going to be solid, but we had now idea how solid, so up on our ramp it went and the results were amazing ... it's solid!

This bus has been converted to a water cooled engine, the rear valance has been cut out and the rear hatch made bigger to accommodate it (an easy fix will be to leave the hatch and replace the rear valance). It also needs a battery tray but that's it with regards to the bodywork. All this equates to about 2 day's welding (not weeks) so nice and easy. Other points to note are that it requires an engine and a service on the brakes and lights.

It's a 1974 full- width bed Westy which is very rare, and the bed works too. The interior is very dirty but this is just superficial and nothing a weekend's cleaning won't sort out. It still has it's original LPG gas tank for the cooker (which still has gas in it). The paintwork will also polish up nicely with a bit of work.

These campers are the only buses that will sleep 4 adults and we sell these in a restored state in excess of £50k so this one is crying out to be put back on the road. If you're after a nice solid project that's going to stand the test of time then this is the perfect bus.