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Very rare 1967 RHD Splitty • Sold

So, more about this rare camper. Born in 1967, it has plenty of character and even has most of its original paintwork dating back from the very day it entered this world. All the interior is original, apart from the rear drawers, which are missing, but there's enough original extra wood to make them if you wish to do so.

In it's present state its stripped out, as it was originally started as a full resto, so all the parts are boxed up along with many new panels and parts - all ready to finish the project. In fact, we went through it all and couldn't find anything missing so it has everything you'll need to get it back to it's original best.

The speedo on this van indicates a mileage of 72,000 but we're not sure if this is original or not. It will also come with a 1600cc aircooled engine (which will need re-building).

So there it is, a rare 1967 splitty project, waiting to be brought back to it's full and fantastic best.